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B and S

Bachelor and Spinster ball. A party for singles in the country. A pleasant escape from the up-hill slog that is farming.


Family holiday house near the beach. Usually a bit rough, but can be flash.

Origin: New Zealand

Bail Up

To bail someone up is to rob them (cf. stick-up), give them a good earbashing, or physically confront them.

Bangs Like a Dunny Door

Describing an extremely sexually active woman. This expression can stand alone as ‘she bangs like a dunny door’ but has a variety of endings to complete the simile. For example, she bangs like a dunny door in the wind (in a gale, in a storm, in a cyclone, etc.).

Bar Up

To ‘bar up’ is to achieve an erection due to arousal.

Barbecue Stopper

Something extremely interesting. Anything interesting enough to interrupt a barbecue must be a hell of a showstopper.


Term of endearment. Usually used affectionately, but sometimes just used of an actual bastard.


Dogged, hard-working Australian (often blue collar) who courageously carves out a meager living. An emotional trigger-word used by politicians and talkback radio presenters to manipulate those gullible enough to believe them.

Belly Flop

A failed dive, during which the belly slaps against the water to humourous effect.

Origin: New Zealand

Berrimah Line, The

The geographical line that supposedly separates Darwin from the rest of the Northern Territory. It deliniates the haves (Darwin) from the have nots (those south of the Berrimah Line).

Biff, Bring back the

A football spectator expression appealing to game administrators to stop coming down too hard on good old-fashioned brawling.

Big Note

To big note yourself is to brag about yourself to impress others.

Biggie, no

No big deal. It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.

Origin: New Zealand


A pool of water left sitting at a river bend when the water flow dries up. From the Wiradhuri (indigenous) language.


Billycan, a metal tin used to boil water over a fire.


Minor motor vehicle accident. Also – Bingle, Lara. Long-forgotten B celebrity.


A lazy person who wants something for nothing. Someone who expects a handout.


Swag, a traveller’s possessions all bundled up (traditionally, in a blue blanket). Bluey can also mean luggage in a broader sense.


Ironic nickname for a red-headed person. ‘Blue’ is also used in this way.


Ticket for traffic offence, after the blue colour of the paper.


Boardshorts. Long, surf-style shorts for swimming and general summer mooching.


Suburban scum. Traditionally bogan meant wearers of mullets, ugg boots, acid wash jeans, and AC/DC wife-beaters. Now the definition is much broader, to mean anyone less sophisticated, intelligent, fashionable or cultured than you.


A ficticious place that is used as a part of the phrases ‘up the boohai, and ‘up the boohai shooting Pukekos’.

Origin: New Zealand

Boohai, Up the Boohai Shooting Pukekos

As a response to ‘where are you going?’ this means ‘mind your own business’ or ‘nowhere in particular, I’m wandering’. ‘Up the boohai’ simply means ‘in boohai’. A Pukeko is a bird.

Origin: New Zealand


A piece of shit (word origin, Lake Borrie sewage plant, VIC).

Boy Racer

Little pricks with nothing better to do than drive around all night in lowered cars with alloys, big bore exhausts and loud stereos. Old people hate them with the fury of a thousand suns.

Origin: New Zealand


A term of address for a friend (traditionally male but also often female) or acquaintance.

Origin: New Zealand

Bum Sniffing

Derogatory name for rugby because of the set-piece known as the scrum. In rugby union (and in a token way, rugby league), each team’s eight forwards bind together, crunch into each other, and try to push the opposition eight backwards. This is the mechanism that creates cauliflower ears, and while bums may not actually be sniffed, a lot of nut grabbing and dirty shit happens here.


Truancy. In some parts of NZ, to bunk is to skip school or class. Otherwise, ‘wagging’ would be the usual term.

Origin: New Zealand


A scary, man-eating monster of indigenous Australian mythology.

Bushman’s Hanky

Block one nostril with your finger and blast the other one with both barrels (or just the one, as it were). Best done surreptitiously to avoid judgement, and into vegetation to be a good citizen.


Have a look. Butcher’s is short for Butcher’s Hook which is rhyming slang for look.


A team on its bye week doesn’t play in that round of the competition.