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Water Race

Irrigation channels cut across farms. Historically, for gold mining.

Origin: New Zealand

We knocked the bastard off

With typical bluff modesty, Edmund Hillary said this to fellow climbers on returning to base camp having just become the first man to climb Mt Everest. A very well known expression in New Zealand.

Origin: New Zealand

Whinging Pom

British person. Their natural state is to complain about the weather and immigrants. This is fueled, in part, by a deep-seated feeling that they should still rule the world, and that they gave us Shakespeare and Monty Python for fuck’s sake.


A person of Mediterranean origin, e.g. Greek, Italian. Reclamation of ‘wog’ by this community has nullified its offensiveness. However, like the n-word, Anglos are best to just stay clear of it.


A professional kill-joy. Someone who thinks themselves morally superior, and passes judgement on others, particularly with regards to abstinence from alcohol.